While looking through some photos I took on my last trip to the GTNP, I found this image. Oh The Grand Teton National Park, you've stolen my heart!

The Grand Teton National Park holds a very special place in my heart. It is where I found myself, true love and my future. The mountains hold so much life, that it is no surprise that my life changed for the best when I visited them.

I have been to GTNP a few times now, and each time, I fall more in love with this area. If you ask me if I could buy a house anywhere, I’d say Jackson, so I could spend my time exploring them with my family.

I encourage you to visit the Tetons, with respect. Leave no trace, be kind to others visit and if you can shop, stay and eat at the local small businesses. I want my son to be able to enjoy taking his family to the park one day.

This fall, Zach Heaton and Ed Heaton will be teaching a photography workshop in the Tetons. This is something really unique. Here’s why. You have two awesome instructors, who I can personally vouch for. They are no tour guides. What I mean by this is, they will take the time to educate you on photography, and ensure that you walk away with the photo you want. It’s the Tetons in the fall! It is not a crowded busy season, so less people at the more popular locations. You will walk away with images that no one else will get, as the light in the fall is much different than in the spring and summer. And lastly, you get to enjoy the crisp fall air in the Tetons.



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