Breathe Deep

I once heard that if you take 3 deep breaths before responding, your view might might change, and your response will be different than what you originally thought. The reason behind this, is cause we pause, and allow our mind to think. We are quick to respond with our emotions. But by doing this, we come from a place from clarify, confidence and compassion.

If we are quick to response and react without thinking, we are missing a chance to see. So here is my challenge to you. Stop! take three breaths before you respond. I have chosen to take four deep breaths, as it can never hurt to take an additional. This allows me to come from a place or clarify and compassion.

This came to my mind while listening to a song from when I was a childhood. Mr. Wendall, by Arrested Development. I started to think about this topic. I believe that we all could use and give some more compassion in our lives.

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