The other day, Ed, Zach, Toby and I headed out Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve. I had never been there before, so I had no idea what to expect.

The walk back to the falls is a lot of fun, but I think that my dog Toby enjoyed it the most. As we crossed back and forth through the creek, Toby would run and play in the water. He’s a wild dog at heart and we like to give him time to explore.

On this hike, I had something in my bag that I was really excited to try, that I had not used before. I recently won a set of Hoya Filters, and brought a long with me the HD3 Cir Pl. Until now, I had been using Hoya’s HD2 Cir Pl. I was eager to see the difference.

I never leave home with out Cir Pl in my bag. it’s my favorite filter, as it has a lot of great benefits. I have used it in a variety of situations, and it never fails. I encourage you all to buy a Cir Pl filter, if you don’t have one already, as they add a lot to your images.

So this time I am going to do something a little difference, and share with you three images. All images were taken on the same ISO and aperture. The only adjustment was made to the shutter speed. The reason behind this was to show you how the Cir PL can have a wonderful impact on your images. The first image is taken without the Hoya HD3 Cir Pl, the second has the Cir Pl, and the third is my final image, which I used the Cir PL and made some adjustments in post production.

Image One - Without Cir PL

In this image, take a look at the rocks, ,and the trees in the middle of the image. Now compare the depth of contrast to the second image below.

Image Two - With Hoya HD3 Cir Pl

Do you see the the difference? I was able to see the difference instantly in my camera. It become visible as soon as I started to turn the filter, I saw the dramatic shift in color. I got really excited!

Image Three - with Hoya's HD3 Cir Pl

This is my final image. This is the same image from above, just make some adjustments in post production.

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