Finding your image

While at the beautiful LongWood Gardens, I had a vision, I wanted to find the most beautiful tulip and single it out and photograph it. I wanted to capture a beautiful, bright and color tulip and isolate it, with a green background. While there, I was not feeling it. I realzied I kept focusing on the larger view of the tulips. (which was awesome, don’t get my wrong, but it was not what I had set out to do)

It was not until after I got out of my head, took my shoes off and felt the sun on my skin did it happen. I found my image and I felt connected to my scene. I was able to get connected to the elements of the earth. I felt the green grass beneath my feet, the sun hitting my shoulders as a gentle breeze came by. I was able to disconnect from those around me, and did not hear the words of others. It was just me and this flower. I had this image that I explain above, but when I saw my flower, I saw it in black and white. I saw how the light was highlighting the petals giving a sense of depth, and I knew that this was my image.

If you are ever on location, and it's not feeling right. Change your location, perspective, and even try changing out your lens. Challenge yourself to find that connection.

Equipment Used

Nikon D810

Nikon 105 macro



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