How are you evolving?

As a photographer, I think that my strongest tool I have is my voice. I know that this might sound odd, as photography is a visual art, but stay with me. I”m bound to make sense. I promise!

I have great equipment that I trust, and will never want to part with, like my tripod, backpack or filters.

But I believe it’s how I use my voice I present myself as a person to the world that matters.

Today our voice can be seen by so many more, without even knowing. Social media has played a big part in this. This can be for the best, as well.

So let’s be honest, how are you using your voice to further your photography, brand, or to support others in this very competitive industry? How are you evolving yourself? What does your evolution look like?

My evolution continues with an assessment with where I am. Being honest about my skill level and honest. Now that I know where I stand.

I am continuing to focus on building a sense of connection to photography. To do so, I’m going to continue to focus on what I call the Four Es and B.

Education - Continue to focus on building my knowledge through education, but also educate others. Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge support others who might be in the same spot I was once.

Engagement - Making a commitment to support other photographers. We need to support each other. This goes back to the words I hear growing up. “If you have nothing nice to say, than don’t say anything” I am a fan of feedback, when asked for and when it’s presented in the right manner. (FYI I’m a certified coach, If you’d like pointers on how to present feedback to others, let me know)

Excitement - Be excited every time I have a chance to learn or to be behind my camera. I have been blessed with equipment and great mentors.

Endearment - continue to express my love and affection to others and also my own work

Bobbi - Be me, as this gives me an unique view to share with the world.

How are you evolving? What are you doing to be a better photographer today, than yesterday?



About This Image

Date: April 4th

Camera: Nikon D810

Lens: Tamron 24-70mm @ 70mm

ISO: 125, 1/3 sec @ F16

Other gear used

Really Right Stuff


Woodman (CF card and hood)

Hoya Polarizer Filter



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