Yesterday morning, Zach, Toby and I went to photograph the fog. The fog was really thick, excepted in the areas we wanted it to be. But that does not mean we did not try. We always try to take the best image we can, while having fun. It’s not about taking as many photos as your memory card can hold. I don’t ‘know about you, but I rather be enjoying time photographing a new scene, or spending time with loved ones versus sorting through tons of images on my memory card. I also believe it’s about knowing how to use your tools properly. I use gear I trust, and support companies that work to support their customers.

I’m still learning to how use my tools, I believe that this will be a life long education. I’ll never stop learning, and I’m surrounded by great teachers.

So, today here’s your reminder to get up and try! You’ll never know what you’ll find. When you try, really try. You know what I mean. Don’t settle for putting your camera on auto, shooting every image in HDR. Push yourself to learn something new.

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