Treasured Memory

This evening, Zach, Toby and I got into my car and drove along the country roads trying to find a location before we lost light. That’s when we found this spot (Thanks to Zach’s directions).

When we arrived on site the light was pretty nice, and then we got a full double rainbow, and then the sky turned orange. It was an intense feeling and surreal. The light was illuminating the earth like I’ve never seen before. The orange was so intense! (more photos to come later) I knew that this was a gift meant to be treasured, a memory to hold in my pocket. I was sharing this moment with the two most important things in my life, Zach and Toby. This was Toby’s first time with Zach and I taking photos along the side of the road, and he did so well. I”m a proud dog momma.

Here is one image of today’s sunset. The sun was behind me, highlighting these farms, when the rainbow appears behind one of them.

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