Be Curious

As a new year comes into our the frame, we are presented with how we want to capture it. For me, I’ve been unable to answer this question. I’m not sure that this answer will come to my any time soon. My life have done a complete flip in a month, but it’s a good flip. One that I worked hard for, and have all the love and support around me.

Here’s why, new job, bought a house, moved to a new state, moved in with boyfriend and got engaged. All within a month. 2016 presented me with a lot of new roads to head down, and I worked really hard to have those options. So I pull up my socks and made choices that changed the direction of my life. I was recently asked “How did I make this choice?”. It only took me a few seconds before I was able to reply. I make my choices based on what is my values are. They are family, friends and health. So when life presented me with an option, i weighted it in these three categories. The choice was not always clear, some times took me a while, and many talks with friends and family. But I made them, with the right intentions.

With the choices I’ve made, I’ve realized that you can hear the input of others, but it’s my choice. The best mentors and friends I have are those who are interested in what I have to say, and are not focused on being interesting. Ever need in a conversation with some one and as soon as you are done talking, they talk. They will try to solve your problem for you, or speak about themselves. Those are not the people I take my advice from, they are being interesting and not interested.

So here is to my friends and mentors who are interested in my life, who listen, ask questions and who care passionately for my success. The ones who are willing to speak honestly from their heart while listening to with their mind. You have helped shaped 2016 into one of the biggest years of my life, and I hope you are there for the rest of my journey. I love you all dearly and can’t wait to see and hear about what 2017 has in store for you.

This year I will be setting a resolution of “be interested not interesting”. Or to shorten that saying “Stay Curious”

I hope that you have a wonderful new year, and that you are surrounded by love and support.

One of my favorite things to do while living in Texas, was to join my friends for sunrise photos, and then get breakfast. This image was taken during my last sunrise photo session with Malinda and Richard. I sure do miss you guys!.

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