I Choose

I love the gentle reminders that I receive through the day that encourage, inspire and remind me that I always have a choose. I came across this statement that really resonated with me. So I thought I’d share it with you

I choose,….

To live by choice, not by chance

To make changes, not excuses

To be motivated, not manipulated

To be useful, not used

To excel, not compete

I choose self-esteem, not self pity

I choose to listen to my inner voice, not random opinions of others

Remember you have the choose to have a great day, and you can empower others, love unconditionally and share a smile with a stranger.

This is the state capital in Austin Texas. It’s a beautiful building, and the interior is just as beautiful. This single image was taken last Friday night while hanging out with some awesome friends of mine that enjoy photography just as much as I do.

I wanted to capture this amazing building in a single exposure. Sure, I could of done an HDR image, but I wanted to challenge myself. I want to ensure that I keep learning and understanding how to use ISO, shutter speed and aperture to capture the story I wanted to share. As I stood there thinking, my mind went to a recent conversation I had with Zach Heaton regarding exposure. I took my mind out of the details and focused on the 3 basics components that I have control over, ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. I am pleased with my results and so happy that I challenged myself.

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