The Path

Sometimes the path in front of you can have curves and takes you to place you did not know existed. But that path can also take you to the place you never knew you need to go.

I find paths to be very symbolic. They provided gentle reminder to me that there is a path planned for me. I am also reminded that I never really know what is ahead of me, because I can't see around corners. It keeps me excited, but also makes me nervous, as I'm a person who likes to plan.

I had a photography instructor once say to me "look for your leading lines" I guess I have taken that advice to my personal life. Look for those leading lines, as they will guide you on your path. Your leading line might not be a physical path, but maybe a person, or a little hint that you are doing the right thing.

Have some fun along the way and enjoy the journey down your path.

This image was taken near Kanah, Utah. Another amazing place on this planet I recommend visiting. Remember, leave not evidence you were there, so our future generations can enjoy the splendor too.

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