Regular Days

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the impacts our actions have. We discussed how our actions don’t just end, they carry on and travel. Like smiling at a strange, giving a hug to someone who needs it or letting some one in front of you while stuck in traffic. This conversation has really got me thinking about how I interact with others, specially strangers. You just don’t know the type of day a person is having, so if you can have impact someone's life, why not make it positive. You can do this any day of the week , any regular day. So as I have challenged myself, I challenge you to think about your interactions with others, and how you choose to impact others. Spread love, happiness and joy. Once again, I know that this might sound cheesy, but I like cheese :)

This image was taken in the Grand Tetons. One of my favorite places on this planet. I encourage you to visit our national parks, and leave NO waste!

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