With a smile

While looking through photos, I came across this one from the spring time. It was taken while on a hunt for wild flowers, but we found none. We were two weeks too early, but early birds gets the worm, right? We might not have found the flowers, but was able to scope out some cool locations, had fun, and had some great BBQ.

This photos gave me a gentle reminders, that I'd like to share with you.

When you look back at your life, doing it with a smile. For it is all a memory now. The events, people and places have shaped you to who you are today. The road ahead is the path you choose to take. How you take that path, is your call. I choose to always carry a smile in my pocket for those overcast days. It might not be for me, but I can share it with others. It's a free gift I can give. Might sound cheesy but that's okay. I like cheese.

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