Still Learning

This past week, I had the pleasure/struggle/joy and challenge of photographing and developing 120mm film. This was my first time using 120 film, so my excitement was high, but my mind was not focused. This resulted in part of a roll being double exposure and another roll using the wrong development process. Sure, I could say “this is my interpretation of the event” or “hey, check out my latest art”, but I would be lying to my self and those who believe in me. I know I am not prefect, and I”m honest about that. I know that I am wiling to continue to learn, so when I do get my chance again I”ll be ready and focus. My take away from this past week was, get back to the basic, and slow down.

For now I”ll focus on using Nikon FE2, and dedicate my time to learning the basic again including ISO, aperture and shutter speed. I know it sounds odd to say “time to focus on the basics” but I truly believe that the only way for me to evolve as a photographer. It is to learn how these three interact with each other. I can do this with digital, but film will ensure I slow down and think before each press of the shutter. Ensure that I am advancing my film, and confirm the process I should be using. Film is expensive to develop!

Digital allows you a sense of freedom, that I don’t feel with film. With digital, I can take multiple exposures and shot HDR to ensure I get the right exposure (I don’t do this, and please don’t do this, take the time to learn) but the option is always there for me. Film forces you to be honest, it shows you that you are not prefect. Highlighting where to focus, and that’s why I love it.

So the next time I get to play with 120mm, I’ll focus my attention on the basics and ensuring that I pay attention to the details.

Zach and I spent part of a morning hanging out along the side of the country road, watching these cows and few curious chickens, all while enjoying the silence of the country.

This is one of the images that was not double an exposure, and I used the right developing technique. This photographic was taken with a Mamiya C3 (twin-lens reflex medium-format camera, 120 film).

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