My Role Models

This image is of my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Chop. I have spent countless days enjoying their company and learning about life from them. My aunt has taken the time to “try” to teach me to cook from scratch, and make quilts. My uncle has taught me about life, all while we playing a game of cribbage or go for a hike. I believe that time is the most precious gift you can give someone, so when I get to spend time with these two, I absorb every last ounce of it.

So this week, I share an image I took of them last year. These two are my role models. They have shown me what true unconditional love is. They have influenced my life and reminded me during those tough times, that I’ll make it though a tougher, better, braver and stronger me than I was the day before. Thank you for always being beside me. I am always with you, even thou there is 1703 miles between us. I love you guys dearly, and looking forward to my next visit home. We can sit outback listening to the sounds of the farm. I won’t be in overall thou, sorry guys :)

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