Gentle Reminder

As I sat down at my computer to write this week’s blog, I was reflecting on this past week and some of the wins and loses I had. I was starting to fixate on the negative things. That was until I got a text message from a friend, who is taking on a new business adventure. She was sending images of her new location. So this post goes out to my risk taking friend, Teresa. It’s because of her motivation, drive and determination, she’s inspired me to make the best of today, and activity take the steps for my dreams. You’ve continue to inspire others, without even knowing it.

I challenge you, those who are actually reading this, to think about those who give you gentle reminders that things will work out. Even if you are taking a big step , and don’t know the first direction to walk. It will work out, look for those small reminders. Give thanks, and have faith in yourself, others and God.

Image was taken Aug 7th, sunrise on the lake. There was no clouds, I wanted to have some fun with long exposures, while I was there.. I am surprised I could stand still for for a few seconds.

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