Longwood Gardens Macropalooza

July 28th 2018 8:45AM-11:30AM

Join Zach Heaton ( for another class at Longwood gardens where we will be exploring the depths of Macro photography! I will be teaching you the basics on how to capture the beauty of Longwood! We will be covering a wide range of techniques and quick tips to help create and improve the way you see your subject. The gardens are a perfect location for just that! Its a gorgeous area to photograph and learn some new moves that will help shape and improve your images. My goal is for you to have the knowledge to go forward and be able to use that information in the future to recreate these images on your own. I want you to be proud of the compositions you create. Longwood Gardens is a place to see dazzling displays that elevate the art of horticulture. From a towering 12-foot-tall archway made of Phalaenopsis orchids, to giant orbs hanging from above, to the spectacular orchid curtain and more than 200 Vanda hanging in our Silver Garden, beauty awaits at every turn. Sign up today and let’s get going!


{Remember all of this equipment is not needed for this class but if you have it bring it along. Some of it will be fun to play with.}

Camera (DSLR, SLR, TLR)

Memory Cards


Diffusers (Not necessary)

Macro lens ( Not necessary)

Diopters (Not necessary)

Cable release (Not necessary)

Polarizers (Not necessary)


Snacks (There is a snack bar and water fountains throughout the gardens)

Photo diopters are a great tool that work almost the same as a true macro lens. If you've never heard of them please go check them out now! They would be the cheaper alternative to purchasing a macro lens. 

Cost: $69.95 - (Fee includes workshop only.)

Price of admission is not included in the workshop price. $23.00 per person is the entrance fee for a gardens day pass.  

Limit: 10

Fitness Level
EASY - This workshop does involve some walking to arrive at certain shooting locations. A standard liability release form will be required before departure.

Participants should have a working knowledge of exposure (f/stop and shutter speed) and know how to operate their equipment.

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