Holtwood Waterfalls

July 14  $89.95

Join Zach Heaton( and myself July 14th for our sunrise & waterfall shoot in Holtwood Pennsylvania! This workshop will mainly focus on teaching you the photographic triangle, basic composition and how to correctly use the filters in your bag. (Polarizer, ND, Graduated and Variable ND)

To start the workshop, we will work along the banks of the Susquehanna River and capture the sun as it rises above the Norman Wood Bridge. After that we will head into the forest and work exclusively with your filters along the stream as it winds its way through the gorge. We would like you to feel confident with your filters and know exactly when and how to use them when the moment arrives.

This will be a morning class running from sunrise 5:49 till 10:00am. More information can be requested by email ( or you will receive all information regarding the class in the welcome letter upon sign up.  Limited space available. 

Easy to Moderate: Sunrise along the Susquehanna river can be a dangerous walk with slippery rocks to roll an ankle. Not to worry! Zach and I will physically help anyone who thinks they need assistance. We go above and beyond to make sure you get all the correct information and come home with the best images.


There are no restrooms at the exact location, but not even a mile down the road there are facilities. 


What to bring

Camera ( DSLR, SLR, TLR)


Cable release or Self timer. (not a must)

Filters (Any filter will work. We will practice which ever filter you bring and demonstrate a few extras.)

Boots or sturdy walking shoes (no sandals)

Bug spray 


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