I grew up in Canada, (now living in the USA) enjoying the outdoors with my siblings. We would explore our world, and would come in when it got dark.  This is when I fell in love with being outside and enjoying Mother Nature.

Now, as a mother, I feel a strong responsibly to ensure that I leave this planet better than it was the day before.  

I want my son to be able to enjoy all the beautiful, wonder and excitement that this planet has to offer. 

My goal is to inspire others to appreciate the world, and enjoy incredible landscapes so future generations can enjoy this wonderful planet.

Check out my blogs on Hoya Filters where I discuss the important role a filter play in my photography, I also showcase before and after images.

Neutral Density Filters


Circle Polarizer


Delkin Devices - www.delkin.com

Hoya - Hoyafilterusa.com



 "Be Brave, Be Fearless, Be Beautiful, Be You!"

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